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Stop Walking on Eggshells

Stop Walking on Eggshells
Taking Your Life Back When Someone You Care About Has Borderline Personality Disorder

By Randi Kreger and Paul Mason

Format: Trade Softcover, 254 pages
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Item #: 1-57224-108-xSWOE

Price: $16.95    

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Stop Walking on Eggshells is widely-acknowledged as the bible for people with a borderline family member. It’s sold more than half a million copies in seven languages and put the concerns of family members on the map. Coauthor Randi Kreger started writing the book when she discovered someone in her family had BPD and she couldn’t find any information.

Based on the experience of hundreds of family members, Stop Walking on Eggshells takes readers deep into the personal experience, agonies and challenges of coping with behaviors of this stigmatized mental illness. The authors show readers how to assert their needs with confidence and clarity and better communicate with their family member.

Says one typical reader, “This book was the epiphany to end all epiphanies. I realized that I was not imaging things, being overly sensitive, or going crazy. There was an answer. This realization gave me a sense of peace I cannot begin to describe. Waves of shock went through me as I saw symptom after symptom listed; some of the case studies were almost verbatim accounts of the rage filled blow ups and bizarre behavior I experienced first hand.”

The second edition, out in 2010, has been revised to make it up to date and help readers better absorb the information through checklists, bullet points, and sidebars.

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