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Love and Loathing

Love and Loathing
Protecting Your Mental Health When Your Partner has Borderline Personality Disorder

By Randi Kreger and Kim A. Williams-Justesen

Format: 8 1/2 x 11 booklet, 85 pages
Publisher: Eggshells Press 2000
Item #: LampL

Price: $17.95    

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Love and Loathing is an empathetic 86-page booklet for people in a romantic relationship with someone who has BPD. It covers a variety of the issues partners face, including the following:

  • Obsessive love and relationship addiction
  • The effects of isolation from friends and family
  • How to ask for change
  • How to better communicate
  • Sexual issues and affairs
  • Fear of setting limits
  • Making decisions about staying or leaving
  • Borderline parenting: what is best for children
  • Breaking up and making up
  • Distortion campaigns (false accusations)
  • Emotional blackmail
  • Domestic abuse

Love and Loathing contains five sections, each for the stages partners go through once they learn the partner they love may have borderline personality disorder. You’ll learn which stage you’re in, your goals for each stage, and prepare you for the next stage.

The Confusion Stage: The struggle to understand the borderline partner’s chaotic behavior. You’ll read about people in situations like yours.

The Outer-Directed Stage: The non-borderline’s fight to “fix” their partner. Here, you’ll find advice from others and a list of things they you need to know now, like, “The problem (BPD) is more serious than you think it is."

The Inner-Directed Stage: The journey toward self discovery and insight into non-borderline’s own behavior. Learn more about what you bring to the relationship, because it will follow you no matter who you’re with.

The Decision-Making Stage:  How to choose a path from one of those available.

The Resolution Phase: How to implement your decisions and try different alternatives.

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