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The Splitting Companion CD

The Splitting Companion CD
Conversations with William A. Eddy

By William A. Eddy

Format: One set of two CDs
Publisher: Eggshells Press 2007
Item #: THEU3

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In this two-CD set, William A. Eddy expands upon the topics he wrote about in Splitting: Protecting Yourself When Divorcing a Borderline or Narcissist,  tackles some new ones, and answers frequently asked questions. Measured by Eddy’s hourly rate, the 2-CD set is worth more than $500.
The Splitting CDs answers questions like:

  • How should I tell my spouse I want a divorce?
  • Should I stay in the marriage to be with my kids?
  • Do men have an equal chance to gain custody?
  • What should I do when my spouse lies in court?
  • How do I educate my attorney about BPD?
  • How do I get my attorney to return my phone calls
  • What if I need to switch attorneys?
  • What are my chances of gaining custody?
  • Should I bring up the diagnosis in court?
  • Should I hire a BPD expert to testify?
  • What is the custody evaluator looking for?
  • Does mediation work with BPs?
  • Help—I’ve been accused of sexual abuse!
  • Should I represent myself?
  • What do I do about parental alienation?
  • Grandparents: access to grandchildren
  • How do I avoid battles after divorce?

William Eddy is an attorney specializing in family law based in San Diego, Cal. He has been a licensed clinical social worker in psychiatric hospitals, giving him great expertise in high-conflict family resolution.
Eddy has a national reputation in high-conflict personalities and is known for his involvement with issues such as child abuse, domestic violence, and false allegations. He won reversals in two Court of Appeals cases and obtained rare sanctions in a case of false allegations of child sexual abuse.

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