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Engel, B., Emotionally Abusive Relationship: How to Stop Being Abused and How to Stop Abusing  (Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2002).  
ISBN-10: 0471454036 ISBN-13: 978-0471454038

NiCarthy, G., Free: You Can End Abuse and Take Back Your Life  (Seal Press: 2004).  
ISBN-10: 1580051227 ISBN-13: 978-1580051224

Elliot, S., Getting Past Your Breakup: How to Turn a Devastating Loss into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You  (Da Capo Lifelong Books: 2009).  
ISBN-10: 0738213284 ISBN-13: 978-0738213286

Kirshenbaum, M., Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Decide Whether to Stay In or Get Out of Your Relationship  (Plume: 1997).  
ISBN-10: 0452275350 ISBN-13: 978-0452275355

Carter, S and Sokol, J, Help! I'm in Love with a Narcissist  (M.Evans & Company, 2005).  
ISBN-10: 1590770773 ISBN-13: 978-1590770771

Birnbach, L. and Hyman, B., How to Know If It's Time to Go: A 10-Step Reality Test for Your Marriage  (Sterling: 2010).  
ISBN-10: 1402766432 ISBN-13: 978-1402766435

Brenner, H., I Know I'm in There Somewhere: A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner Voice and Living a Life of Authenticity  (Gotham: 2004).  
ISBN-10: 1592400604 ISBN-13: 978-1592400607

Schaeffer, B., Is It Love or Is It Addiction?  (Hazelden: 2009).  
ISBN-10: 1592857337 ISBN-13: 978-1592857333

Kennedy Dugan, M., It's My Life Now: Starting Over After an Abusive Relationship or Domestic Violence  (Routledge: 2006).  
ISBN-10: 0415953251 ISBN-13: 978-0415953252

Mellody, P., Love Addiction: Giving Yourself the Power to Change the Way You Love  (HarperOne: 1992).  
ISBN-10: 0062506048 ISBN-13: 978-0062506047

Kreger, R., and K. A. Williams-Justesen, Love and Loathing: Protecting Your Mental Health and Legal Rights When Your Partner Has Borderline Personality Disorder  (Milwaukee, WI: Eggshells Press, 2000).  Has some divorce material and info about kids.

Engel, B, Loving Him Without Losing You: How to Stop Disappearing and Start Being Yourself  (New York: John Wiley, 2000).  
ISBN-10: 0471409790 ISBN-13: 978-0471409793

Forward, S. and Buck, C., Obsessive Love: When It Hurts Too Much to Let Go  (Bantam: 2002).  
ISBN-10: 0553381423 ISBN-13: 978-0553381429

Carnes, P., The Betrayal Bond: Breaking Free of Exploitive Relationships  (HCI; 1997).  An essential book for people in love-hate relationships that will open your eyes like no other.
ISBN-10: 1558745262 ISBN-13: 978-1558745261

Braiker, H., The Disease To Please: Curing the People-Pleasing Syndrome  (McGraw-Hill: 2002).  
ISBN-10: 0071385649 ISBN-13: 978-0071385640

Fruzzetti, A. E., The High-Conflict Couple: A Dialectical Behavior Therapy Guide to Finding Peace, Intimacy, and Validation  (Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications, 2006).  For those in a marriage in which both people are willing to work on the relationship.
ISBN-10: 157224450X ISBN-13: 978-1572244504

Anderson, S., The Journey from Abandonment to Healing: Turn the End of a Relationship into the Beginning of a New Life  (New York: Berkley Publishing Group, 2000).  
ISBN-10: 0425172287 ISBN-13: 978-0425172285

Heitler, S., and Hirsch, A., The Power of Two Workbook  (Oakland, CA: New Harbinger, 2003).  
ISBN-10: 1572243341 ISBN-13: 978-1572243347

Heitler, S., and Singer, P., The Power of Two: Secrets of a Strong and Loving Marriage  (Oakland, CA: New Harbinger, 1997).  
ISBN-10: 1572240598 ISBN-13: 978-1572240599

Paleg, K., and M. McKay, When Anger Hurts Your Relationship: 10 Simple Solutions for Couples Who Fight  (Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications, 2001).  
ISBN-10: 1572242604 ISBN-13: 978-1572242609

Forward, S., When Your Lover Is a Liar: Healing the Wounds of Deception and Betrayal  (Harper Paperbacks, 1999).  
ISBN-10: 0060931159 ISBN-13: 978-0060931155

Bancroft, L., Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men  (Berkley Trade: 2003).  
ISBN-10: 0425191656 ISBN-13: 978-0425191651

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